A better way to place your order: call 717-982-0836. You’ll talk with me, Aaron, or get my voicemail. Let’s get back to better ways of doing things.
A better way to place your order: call 717-982-0836. You’ll talk with me, Aaron, or get my voicemail. Let’s get back to better ways of doing things.
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  • Spring & Summer Collection | 2022

Spring & Summer Collection | 2022

May your Spring and Summer of 2022 be filled with new stamps in your passport, miles on the rails or trails, new discoveries by car or foot…wherever you go, travel well and enjoy! Premium Leather Goods by A. M. Aiken will serve you and your travels for a lifetime or longer.

Safe travels,
Aaron M. Aiken

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Across Town…or the world

View Across Town

While you’re there, wherever there may be…

View Trace the Sand

I stopped for a coffee

View Sarah’s Crossbody Purse

Let’s not forget about the smaller things, they can be quite important!

Your passport must travel well.

And those other documents, quite swell…

Travel related documents, your passport, your phone. Keep them all safe and sound.

Large and small cases will fit your needs, whatever they may be.

Now…the end of a long but good day moving to and fro. Time to unwind.

Head to the store, grab a bottle to enjoy, stow it.

Cigars, grab one for you, one to share, and maybe a few extra just in case. Oh, and matches and cutter, don’t forget those.

Now, where to? Maybe to a cafe. Or a park. Or maybe just out on the balcony.

Wherever you choose to unwind…cheers!

Oh, and one last thing. Your belt.

Yes, your belt.

Travel with less, but still dress to impress.

The Original Everyday belt for men and women looks good while seeing the sights and while sitting down to enjoy scrumptious delights!

Don’t leave home without it!

Custom Leather Dye Color - “After A Day On The Beach”

After A Day On The Beach

The day was filled with rejuvenating activities like reading, swimming, napping, plenty of sun, cool and refreshing drinks, day dreaming.

You've since showered the day away, have fresh clothes on, maybe a linen shirt, something that continues the day-at-the-beach vibe. You head back down to the beach before dinner, or maybe even for dinner, and you see the ocean. The sea. The water. It looks...special to you, at this very moment. It may be an actual special shade of the ocean due to the time of day, the position of the sun, or maybe it is just special because of the feeling you have.

Sometimes it pulls darker, sometimes lighter, depending on the sun. Sometimes a shade of blue, other times green. Or maybe it looks how it looks because of too much sun exposure, your eyes are not quite adjusted yet to the setting sun, the approaching evening and all that it will bring.

It doesn't matter. Your heart is full, your mind is clear, you have never felt more at peace, more aligned in heart, body, mind, and soul, than you do right now, at this very moment, After a Day on the Beach.

Order your hand dyed leather goods now and choose "After a Day on the Beach" as your color...only available until September 23, 2022!

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