Introducing The Armando - Handmade American Leather Wallet

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The Armando is a replica of a men's leather wallet carried by my client's grandfather in the late 1920's.

The Armando - American Made Leather Wallet - The Original - A. M. Aiken

In making this replica, I strived to capture the original look and feel of the original leather wallet (pictured above). It is sized to the exact measurements of the original and is made entirely of calf-skin.

It is entirely handmade.

  • I hand-select the calf-skin.
  • The calf-skin is marked by hand,
  • cut by hand,
  • chiseled by hand,
  • dyed by hand,
  • oiled by hand,
  • burnished by hand,
  • balmed by hand.
  • I wax the thread by hand,
  • and then it is stitched by hand.

Once assembled the outside edges are finished by hand. They are first sanded smooth, dyed, burnished, and then buffed.

In short, this American Made Leather Wallet is not like any other wallet. Men's leather wallets made in the USA are typically machine made and made in-bulk. The Armando is a USA made wallet which is made-to-order one at a time by an individual craftsman.


  • Bi-fold leather wallet
  • 1 main pocket useful for cash, receipts, etc.
  • 4 interior pockets useful for credit cards, business cards, etc.
  • 1 of the interior pockets is secured shut with a flap, strap and loop.


  • When shut: 5 1/2" x 3 5/8"
  • When open: 7 3/16" x 5 1/2"


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