2023 Labor Day Sale Event - Cigar Leather Cases and More!

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It is that time of year when Summer begins to wind down (unfortunately) and Fall begins (which isn’t a bad thing really, but I really just miss the Summer weather). With Fall comes a host of things to plan, one of which may be sprucing up a room in your home, or the general gift giving that seems to be a year round shopping task. But, especially this time of year, Christmas shopping is just around the corner. It will be here before you know it.

So, with that in mind, I’m running a Labor Day Sale Event on all of my most popular items in order to help those of you who are shopping ahead for Christmas gifts or general gift giving for the rest of the year.

Stock up and use the products below to add to your cart. Perfect gifts for those in your life who enjoy premium cigars or are on the look out for a travel humidor. Free shipping on orders over $150 USD.

New this year is brown leather for most of my drum-dyed cigar leather cases, including my new Boveda cigar leather case which is sized specifically to fit the small Boveda humidor bags (included with purchase).

Read on below for more information.

Cigar Leather Cases

All my cigar leather cases are on sale, taking 25% off at checkout! These are very popular gift giving options as each cigar leather case is shipped wrapped in Kraft paper and tied off with a lovely twine bow. Leave it wrapped as-is to give as a gift or not, entirely up to you, but either way, the presentation of each cigar pouch upon arrival is stellar (if I may say so).

cigar leather case wrapped in Kraft paper and tied off with a nice twine bow

In addition to my more standard cigar leather pouch options (a cigar pouch for carrying up to 4 cigars and a cigar pouch for carrying up to 10 cigars), new this season is my cigar leather case sized specifically to hold a small Boveda cigar bag which is absolutely perfect for carrying up to five cigars and keeping them fresh in the Boveda cigar humidor bag.

Matches for Cigars

batch of hand-cut cigar matches for sale

Finally, on the cigar front of this sale, if you are looking for matches for cigars you have come to the absolute best place. My hand-cut cigar matches for sale are an absolute pleasure to use.

Each cigar match is cut by hand and then the end of each is whittled to shape so that each one becomes its own work of art. They are also 3-times thicker than your standard cigar match which means you will have ample time to light your cigar with my cigar matches for sale.

Cigar Accessories

In addition to a leather cigar pouch, complete the gift by adding cigar cutters and a butane cigar lighter to your cigar pouch leather. Doing so makes the perfect gift for a cigar aficionado or provides a great starter kit for someone who is new to cigars.

Make it an Aaron

An option on most of my cigar leather cases is to "Make it an Aaron". Selecting this cigar accessories option will add the following items to your leather cigar pouch:

  • 1 guillotine cigar cutter
  • 1 Vertigo butane cigar lighter
  • 18 4" cigar matches in their own leather pouch

I personally use this option for when I take my cigars on the go. I typically carry the accessories above in my Boveda cigar leather case. I use one of my hand-cut cigar matches to light the cigar initially, and then will use the butane lighter for any subsequent lights as-needed.

18x12x12 Storage Bin

18x12x12 storage bin made of leather and shown using a beautiful green leather dye

Finally, if you have had your eyes on my 18x12x12 storage bin now is certainly the time to place your order as you will receive 25% off at checkout! This leather storage bin is nothing short of beautiful and will elevate any room it is used in. Whether you are using it to store throws, toys, pillows, or anything else that needs a home, this leather 18x12x12 storage bin is the perfect solution. I also offer and 12x12x12 bin if that size is better suited for your space, or an even smaller 10x10x10 bin.