Commission a Custom Leather Project from A. M. Aiken

View my made-to-fit custom leather belts here.

Have something particular in mind but don't see it in my shop? Use the form below to describe exactly what you would like to have made and I will be in-touch to get things going.

Please understand that commissioning and custom leather project is something that will occur outside my usual ordering process.

We will likely go back and forth using email or phone to make sure that all of the details of your project are understood. Once I feel that we have captured all of the relevant details, I will work on a demo unit of what you have in mind.

This demo unit will be used to make sure all of your requirements have been addressed and to make any final adjustments before starting on your custom leather project.

This demo unit will either be shown to you in photo/video form, or, if appropriate, will be mailed to you for examination and feedback. 

After the demo unit has been examined, a final set of requirements for your custom leather project will be written and will need to be signed by you before we start to work on the final version of your custom leather project. At this point payment will also be required. 

Once the requirements have been signed and payment has been successfully received I will begin working on the final version of your custom leather order and will have it in the mail to you as soon as it is complete!

Please include any questions about this process in your request.