Referrals Only

I am a human being first kind of guy, and like you I don't like being advertised to, yelled at, or tracked. As such, even if it means taking a possible hit on the business front, I am doing my part to limit the noise and annoyance in the world.

Taking a page out of my dad's business handbook, I do not currently and do not plan to advertise.

I also plan to leave social media in the basement, or even further underground, there will be no official "A.M. Aiken" social media accounts.

Finally, tracking your movement around the web has always seemed crazy to me and so this site only uses what is needed here to offer you a good experience here. This website is not tracking or retaining any type of "deep" data about you or your browsing/shopping habits. Below is a list of the things that are tracked when you visit this site. Again, these are meant to only provide you with a solid experience while here. Otherwise, I'm doing my best to keep it clean!

So, with all of that said, referrals are the name of the game. Word of mouth advertising. Doing good quality work and letting happy customers tell their friends, family, co-workers, maybe even their postman or postwoman. If you buy from me and if you are over the moon about it, please tell everyone you can and point them to