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Hand-cut Cigar Matches

The absolute best way to light your premium cigar is with a cigar match, and not with any cigar match, but with the best cigar match. Each of my cigar matches are individually cut by hand using my favorite backsaw and then whittled to shape using my favorite sloyd knife. Plus, my cigar matches are the best cigar matches because they are 3 time thicker than your standard cigar match, providing ample burn-time to light your cigar (up to 60 seconds or so).



I offer several options for my cigar matches:

  • Quantity of 18 with a leather pouch for carrying them on the go. The leather pouch includes a strike pad on the back for lighting the matches.
  • Bulk quantities of 50 or 100 with the option to include a leather box for elegant storage.
  • Cigar matches can be cut to your choice of 3.25" or 4"

When combining your matches with the leather pouch or leather box you can choose from three color options: tan, brown, or black.

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Introducing Best Cigar Matches by A. M. Aiken, your source for hand cut cigar matches crafted individually by me in the heart of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I meticulously cut each match using a backsaw, and then whittle it into its final shape using a sloyd knife, making every piece a unique work of art.

Offered in lengths of 3.25 inches or 4 inches, these cigar matches are three times thicker than a standard match. This design allows for a burn time of up to 60 seconds, providing ample time for lighting your cigar to perfection.

In line with my philosophy of "buy less buy better", I provide matches in multiple quantities to suit your needs. Choose from sets of 18 that come complete with a handmade leather pouch for easy transport. This specially designed pouch even features a match striker on the back, allowing you to light your cigars on the go. Alternatively, opt for bulk quantities of 50 or 100 with an optional leather box for stylish and practical storage of your bulk purchases.

Experience the difference that a hand cut cigar match from Best Cigar Matches by A. M. Aiken can make. With their superior burn time and handcrafted quality, these matches are a must-have for any cigar aficionado.

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Well crafted, great materials and workmans...

Well crafted, great materials and workmanship.

Well crafted, definitely worth the buy!

Well crafted, definitely worth the buy!


This is the best cigar accessory I now own! The case is beautiful. The matches are thick, so unlike store bought matches, these burn all the way to the end, allowing you to use just one match to completely light a cigar. Look no further, you need this pouch and matches. Nice work, Aaron!!

e s
excellent matches-well designed and constructed case

A convenient and protective carrying case for larger matches. The case gives great support to avoid the breakage of matches in a pocket. Matches strike easily and provide good sized flame for lighting cigars.

Very high quality and exactly what the des...

Very high quality and exactly what the description said. Matches are excellent and light with first strike.

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