Get on my Snail Mail List

A few years ago I had a project going that I called "Letter's From Aaron". It was a simple website where you could sign up to receive a handwritten letter from me. Simply a delightful arbitrary activity to engage in, right? Well, that project is no longer but the spirit lives on here.

All you need to do is enter your mailing address above and I will add you to my snail mail list.

Not Just Junk Mail and Bills

Envelopes hanging out of a mail slot on a door.

Believe it or not, the job of the post office is not to just deliver junk mail and bills. They actually deliver real mail too, snail mail, mail from a friendly person near or far. Mail with a stamp in the upper right corner and your name and address written by-hand. Imagine such a thing!

Sending snail mail out several times each year

Some parts of my year are slower than others. During those slow times, I check my snail mail list to see who should get a handwritten letter next. No strings attached here, just a nice thing to do, and a nice thing to receive.

During a quiet time, I write a short note or letter on a blank piece of paper or card. If I have enough time, I may write a few paragraphs. Then, I put a stamp on the envelope. I will include my return address, so feel free to send a reply :-)