The A.M. Aiken Difference

Put simply:

  • 100% made by hand
  • 100% made to order
  • 100% veg tan leather
  • 100% one-of-a-kind

100% Assembled by Hand

All of my products, from start to finish, are made entirely by hand. All of my premium leather goods are cut by hand, prepared by hand, finished by hand, and assembled by hand. This includes all stamping, carving, and any other personalization made to each order. Why? Well, it is simpler for one thing. And slower. Slower by nature and by design. And slower means better. Better quality, better care, better attention to detail. I love the process of creating and am in no rush to ship an item out. I take the time each item deserves so that when you receive it you know that it was obsessed over for many many hours.

100% Made to Order

Just as everything is assembled by hand from start to finish, everything is also made to order. Meaning that I don't keep inventory, there is nothing sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Each item starts when the order comes in and is made one at a time. The process starts first with selecting the leather to use in your piece, only the best will suffice. Next is cutting and other surface preparation for your order. Finally, and after several hours have passed, it is time for assembly. Assembling by ensures that your leather good will last longer and not let you down as you use the item. As you'll see repeated across this website: Buy Less, Buy Better.

100% Veg Tan Leather

Assembled by hand, made to order, and made using only the most natural leather available, commonly referred to as "veg tan" leather. Veg is for vegetable. Think organic material. The veg tanning process dates back 5,000 or more years and utilizes materials from organic materials such as bark instead of chemicals. This leather only gets better with use and age. This type of leather is 100% natural and, it is worth repeating, only gets better with age and use.

100% One-of-a-Kind

Assembled by hand, made to order, made using 100% natural leather. All of this provides opportunity for each and every item shipped to be unique. No two items are the same because no two animals are the same and no two days are the same. Your product is 100% one-of-a-kind as a result of the process the leather goes through from start to finish. Many hands interact with your leather piece as it moves through its lifecycle before it is shipped to you. And then you get to make it even more unique. As you use your leather product it will begin to take on characteristics of that use and will, you guessed it, get even better.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

My products are designed to last a lifetime or longer. However, things happen. Stitches may come loose after some time, hardware may fail. These types of defects are covered, no questions asked, under the Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. You can learn more about the warranty details here. Suffice it to say, I stand behind my work and will fix what needs fixed.